Bluegrass Mass:
SEASON FINALE: May 24, 2015 at 4pm
(free / by donation meal to follow at 5:15pm)!
May Theme: Waiting on the Spirit!
Pentecost Theme – featuring Bluegrass standards, plus songs by Lyle Lovett, Tom Waits and even U2! Plus a short reflection from Christopher Page
Bluegrass: a form of American roots music, and a sub-genre of country music. Bluegrass was inspired by the music of Appalachia. It has mixed roots in Scottish, Irish and English  traditional music, and also later influenced by the music of African-Americans through incorporation of jazz elements.  At our worship we’ll  draw on classic gospel bluegrass, roots, folk as well as Americana and Canadiana and alt-country.

Mass: A gathering of the people!  Also one of the names by which the sacrament of the Eucharist (or Communion, or the Lord’s Supper) is commonly called in many Churches, including some Anglican Churches.  The word comes from the Late Latin word “missa” which was used in the final dismissal at the end of the Latin Mass when the congregation was dismissed with the direction “Ite missa est” – “Go; it is the dismissal”.  Bluegrass Mass won’t always include a celebration of the eucharist, but will always have an element of worship; simple prayers, poems, contemplative spaces and sing-along jamboree celebration that welcomes sinner and saint (and everyone inbetween) alike!  We use the word ‘mass’ to remember that we gather as a community, we are nourished by sharing food and we are sent to reflect the love and grace of God to all of God’s creation.

Email rob[at] if you’re interested in getting involved!