The Stairwell Gallery is a space devoted to the visual arts in St Philip Anglican Church.

The “sacred” includes all of life; art is a means of comprehending that sacredness. Art that is shown does not need to be specifically religious, it is a sincere response to life and our experience of being human.

A while ago thanks to a nasty leak, poster boards and paraphernalia had to be removed from the stairwell at St Philip.  A beautiful tall ceiling lit by a gorgeous stained glass window and lots of wall space was revealed.

This is an informal and not for profit space so is perfect to exhibit experimental, emerging, as well as established work. For example, we have shown the most wonderful drawings, a medium that does not always need a frame or formality to be appreciated.

Ideas for installations and site specific work are welcomed. Although not a commercial space a price list may be left at the office and anyone who is interested in a work may contact the artist directly or through the curator.

Art is also hosted in the church sanctuary which has high ceilings and tall walls-invaluable for large scale work. The building is simple, modernist and is graced by extraordinary stained glass.

The gallery is open for viewing Monday to Friday 9;30am to 1pm and by appointment. (2928 Eastdowne Rd, Victoria, BC V8R 5R8)
The sanctuary may be viewed by appointment or by checking in with the office.

Enquiries for showing work are welcome:  please send an email to the curator, Cornelia van Voorst (vanvoorst [dot] cornelia [at] gmail [dot] com) with the subject line “Stairwell Gallery”. Or phone 778 440 8170.
Read more about the art at the stairwell gallery blog and on facebook.