At St Philip Church, children are included in our worship and are given the space and grace to be children. Sunday School is designed so that children will feel that they are accepted and respected. 

 We have very active and imaginative children who learn in many different ways, so lessons take many forms: stories, dramas, songs and discussions.

 Activities reinforce the lessons: building models, science experiments, challenges, group projects, artwork, YouTube and of course the bouncy castle!

 During the service, the children can choose to do a craft that is provided at the back tables – usually something related to the day’s theme.

 Sunday School

Sunday School is offered for all children, three years old and up during the 9:00 AM Service. Families gather together in the Church for the start of the worship service with praise singing, and a children’s talk. The young then go downstairs and join friends for their Sunday school classes. Each week the Sunday School children meet with two teachers.  The morning opens with prayer. A bible lesson is taught through storytelling or role play.  Games and activities reinforce the morning’s message. Topics of study have included: Gifts, Proverbs, Heroes of the Old Testament and Advent. Within those topics we have explored themes of kindness toward others, wisdom, faith, hope, peace, joy and love.

 Usually the lesson is taught to the group as a whole and then the children divide into small groups for the activities. Everyone rejoins their family for Holy Communion and the Blessing.  Something like 60 children are enrolled in Sunday School – with attendance usually around 20-25 each week.

 If you are interested in teaching or assisting with a Class, or if you are new to this parish, and would like to connect with the right Sunday School group for your child, speak to Children’s Ministry Worker, Shannon  Carmichael.

 Many people serve as part of the leadership team for the Children’s Ministry.  They volunteer a minimum of once every two months. The Sunday School also welcomes “Special Guests” from our congregation.  These people come for one Sunday to share a specific gift with our children. These mornings have included storytelling, jewelry making, Scottish country dancing and music.  If you have a talent you would like to share with our children please talk to Shannon Carmichael (250-360-0383 /

The Nursery

The Nursery is open every Sunday morning. During the 9:00 AM Service a volunteer is available there (beginning after the children’s time ends and all children and youth head down) to care for our little ones while parents join in worship. Of course Mums and Dads are welcome to sit for a time with their child in the Nursery too. We have a roster of adults and teens who have signed up to provide Nursery care on a rotating basis.  There is always room for more helpers. Contact Shannon Carmichael if you are interested.

“Sanctuary Program”

The ‘Sanctuary Program’ is an in-depth training program for preventing and responding to child sexual abuse in everyday life and in Church ministry.  The program uses videos, a workbook, brief lecture segments, and group discussions to highlight the issues involved and to identify strategies for keeping children safe while continuing to build a community of trust and love.  The session is a Diocesan requirement for everyone who works or volunteers with children and youth. The program is presented by Marion Little, Canon Pastor for the Diocese of BC.  Marion has worked extensively with violence prevention programs and the Nonviolent Communication model developed by Marshall Rosenberg. 

We, as a congregation, commit to safeguarding our children and leaders from all forms of abuse. A Diocesan policy in place now stipulates that everyone working with children or vulnerable adults must provide a Criminal Record Check.  All Sunday School Leaders are included in this requirement.  Shannon Carmichael or Gillian Fosdick can provide you with a letter from St Philip Church, stating that you are a volunteer and therefore entitled to waive the fee normally charged.  Once you have filled in the Criminal Record Check form, please take it to your municipal  police station with 2 pieces of identification. When the check has been completed, pick up your form from the police station and bring it to the church office.

Junior Youth Ministry

Junior Youth Group or “JYG” is geared for children ages 9-12.  They meet as a separate group on Sunday mornings in Christopher’s office. The follow the same themes as the Sunday School, but are challenged to dig a bit deeper in their knowledge of the bible and to find personal relevance in the stories.  These children meet on Friday nights once a month.  They have seen a play of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, and have met at the Church for sundaes and have begun learning about becoming Servers for Eucharist

Sunday School and Junior Youth Group total enrollment is 60 children.