a younger Johnny

a younger Johnny

In the church, we have this tradition of celebrating “Saints Days”.

Now, Johnny Cash might not be a recognized saint in any official church calendar (at least not yet), but his birthday falls at the end of February – so we thought we’d take this opportunity to celebrate his spiritual songs at our next bluegrass mass.

Johnny wrote a few of his own, and also recorded countless classic hymns & spiritual songs that we’ll (of course) give a bit of a bluegrass spin to.

 Of course, Johnny was married to June Carter – a legend in her own right and one of the famed Carter Family – country/bluegrass/roots pioneers – and we’ll do some of their songs too.

It all goes down on Sunday, February 23 at 4pm and it’s  still followed by a great meal at 5:15ish.  More info on Bluegrass Mass here.

carter family

The Carter Family