St. Philip is committed to creating a safe, healthy environment that is welcoming for everyone!

 Hearing Aid System

St. Philip has had an induction loop assistive listening system (perimeter loop) installed for any who might benefit from one. This system enables a person with a hearing loss to enjoy hearing at all locations in the church sanctuary. People with hearing aids should ensure their audiologist has activated the T-coil inside their hear aids for maximum benefit from a loop system. If you do not have hearing aids with T-coils, either of the ushers on duty will be happy to provide you with a set of headphones and a “loop listener” device for use during the service. Attendees may also wish to bring their own headphones.

Wheel Chair Access

The Church, the Lower Hall, and washroom facilities are all accessible by wheelchair.

Guide Dogs – welcomed – and respected

A Guide Dog’s skills are developed to enable them to provide a safe means of mobility for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Please remember that a guide dog should never be distracted from their duty and should not offered food or other treats. A person’s safety depends on their dog’s alertness and concentration.


Several members of our community are hearing impaired and rely on Sign Language interpreters. If you sign, or if you rely on signing to communicate, then feel encouraged to join us as we ‘lift up holy hands.’

 Scent Free

A growing number of people experience debilitating allergies and sensitivities to perfumes. These scents make them very sick. Please be mindful of others, join us in creating a safe healthy place for everyone – and leave the scents at home Thanks!